4. The Castaway, Corporate Wellness Retreat
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The Castaway, Corporate Wellness Retreat

Teams that work hard need time to reset and recharge their mind. Our Corporate Psilocybin Inspiration Ceremonies can provide this environment.

After working long hours and hitting milestones each quarter, teams need time to destress and re-energize.

When everyone is working on the day to day of the business, sometimes the overall vision and strategy get lost in the details.

That’s when the team needs to come together to regain focus and clarity to make sure the company’s future stays on track.
At our Gold X Retreats, we offer focus sessions to get teams aligned with the purpose and clarity of how they can best fulfill the potential of the company.
When everyone is focused and committed to their goals and has a clear mind to make decisions and take action, company performance increases and the business can grow 150% faster.
How to Buy Castaway Retreat Vouchers
⦁ Browse The Vouchers: Explore the Castaway Retreat Vouchers listings to find an event you’d like to attend. Use the popular filters to narrow down options by date, location, and more. Once you find the ideal date and time, click the button on the top right-hand side of the event to see all available dates.
⦁ Select Voucher: Click on the date listing that suits your preference. You will be directed to Awitickets’ fast checkout process to complete the necessary information fields.
⦁ Receive Voucher: Awitickets will process your order and email your Castaway Retreat Voucher to the email associated with your account. For the fastest entry on the day of your departure, download the PDF onto your phone to access your Voucher at any time.
Where to Buy Castaway Retreat Vouchers
⦁ Online Purchase: You can buy Castaway Retreat Vouchers directly on Awitickets. Visit Awitickets.com using your desktop or mobile phone.
Buying Castaway Retreat Vouchers on Awitickets.com (Desktop/Mobile)
⦁ Search for Travel Vouchers: Go to the official Castaway Retreat page on Awitickets.com or type the name of the Resorts or name of the Retreat into the search bar.
⦁ Browse Travel Vouchers: Once on the Castaway Retreat page, browse upcoming Wellness Retreats and select the one you want to attend.
⦁ Select Your Voucher: After selecting your voucher.
⦁ Proceed to Checkout: Select the number of vouchers you wish to purchase and click ‘Go to checkout.’
⦁ Complete Purchase: Enter the email address where you’d like to receive your vouchers, complete the billing process, and finalize your purchase. The vouchers will be sent to your inbox.
Can I Trust Awitickets with My Castaway Retreat Vouchers?
Yes, you can trust Awitickets with your Castaway Retreat vouchers. Here’s why:
⦁ Reliable Service: Awitickets provides a secure and reliable platform for purchasing vouchers. All vouchers sold on Awitickets are handled through the AwiPay International dedicated payment platform.
⦁ Buyer Guarantee: Every voucher sold on Awitickets is backed by a Buyer Guarantee. This ensures that your purchase is protected and you can have peace of mind.
⦁ Fraud Prevention: Awitickets conducts thorough investigations on any chargebacks. If fraud by the account holder is detected, Awitickets will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.
⦁ Retreat Cancellation Policy: If your retreat is canceled and not rescheduled, Awitickets will provide a full refund of the purchase price or, subject to applicable state laws, issue you a credit for use on a future purchase.
These enhanced instructions should make it easier for customers to navigate the voucher purchasing process and feel confident in their transaction with Awitickets.

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  •  Corporate Reset Package 5/ Day Reset Wellness Retreat .…Contact Agent)

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